Corporate Wellbeing


Clare Bhalla

Hello I’m Clare! I live in a lovely village in canton Vaud. Born in London and raised in Essex, I studied at Sheffield University and by 25 years of age, moved to Geneva for my love of mountains (you thought I was going to say love of a man didn’t you) and eventually love of a Swiss man too. I am now a proud mum of two wonderful small people. I am British and Swiss.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and have a diploma in Sophrology and Yoga. I’ve sat my medical exams here in Switzerland to be part of the prestigious ASCA and recognised by medical insurance companies.

I worked in the corporate world of banking and commodity trading for 18 years before creating a Swiss LLC in 2019, because I wanted to follow a path that was aligned with my mind, body, heart, and soul. I combine my understanding of the corporate world with my love for western science and eastern wisdom to bring proven health techniques to companies so their employees can be at the top of their game and have their highest impact in the world. I specialise in, and am passionate about, alternative female health and femtech.

I enjoy time with my family and friends. I like to practice Yoga and Sophrology, walking in nature, and the occasional run and triathlon. I am passionate about the environment and love to explore. I frequently have a charity project on the go from donating to the HUG to helping Ukrainians directly. I believe the world needs us all to give some kindness.



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